Death Stroke


Slade Wilson, designated Deathstroke by A.R.G.U.S., is a resigned agent of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service/ASIS unit, and the previous leader of the Church of Blood. Slade is also the dad of the late Joe Wilson, the possible father of Grant Wilson, and the former ally/mentor-turned archenemy of Oliver Queen and Sara Lance. Slade also held very close to Shado before her loss, and he was privately in love with her despite her affections for Oliver Queen. This, of course, drove him to great lengths to save her from all danger even if impossible, but when she died he blamed Oliver for her untimely death. In 2006, Slade and Billy Wintergreen were tasked with recovering Yao Fei; a former Chinese military commander deliberately shipwrecked on Lian Yu by his government to conceal a massacre that had been committed eight years earlier. However, their plane was blasted out of the sky while en route to the island’s airstrip and the two were apprehended by men serving for Edward Fyers, a mercenary who had been appointed to take Yao Fei, hostage for private reasons. I don’t see why someone would need window tinting done on a plane but some criminal or secrett agent always has a reason for every thing. Continue reading Death Stroke

League of Assassians


At the young age of 11, this unnamed person, who would later be identified as Ra’s al Ghul, executed a man for the first time because the man meant to injure his family. He felt mortified that he had taken the life of a person, but also proud since he stood up to an individual who endangered his family. He explained what he had done as necessary by claiming he had “replaced evil with death,” At one point, he was asked by the leader of the League of Assassins to become the following Ra’s al Ghul, a request he originally declined. The man proceeded on to live a blissful life, possessing two children with his wife. One day, Ra’s al Ghul happened to appear at his home and told him to leave his family without a farewell, or watch them tortured and executed. He chose the latter, a judgment he greatly regretted. This man was drafted to the league and experienced a brutal training method to cleanse his mind of his former life until he believed himself to have been reborn into something else, and was to ascend eventually to the mantle of Ra’s al Ghul himself. Continue reading League of Assassians

Dead Shot

After Oliver had failed in taking down the Dark Archer, Diggle drove Oliver to a hospital and told everybody he was hit by a semi while driving his motorbike. John tried to persuade Oliver that his former commanding officer, Ted Gaynor, was a real man. Unfortunately, he was wrong, and it almost cost him Carly’s life. Diggle was shocked to see Felicity Smoak come to the Arrowcave but realized Oliver was shot. He saved Oliver’s life with the blood that Oliver kept on the chance for a “Rainy Day” which Diggle pointed to as it “Pouring” as Oliver was approaching death. He later used defibrillators to resuscitate Oliver when he went into cardiac arrest. Afterward, he was speaking to Felicity, about him and Oliver, and she remarked on how bad all their lie had been and Diggle told her that it was thanks to her, that they’d been able to do half of their work. Concerned With the rising danger of their missions, John tried training Felicity, wanting her to be capable of defending herself.  The areas around town have a lot of broken down cars which makes me wonder do they have any road service. Continue reading Dead Shot


Diggle was hired by Moira Queen to defend Oliver. Though the very first time Diggle drove Oliver someplace he disappeared from the car much to Diggle’s nuisance. Later, Diggle went with Oliver repeatedly to his coming home party and watched him. However, while Oliver attempted to leave Diggle tried to stop him but was knocked out, unfamiliar to him that Oliver was really heading next door as the new hooded vigilante to stop Adam Hunt. Oliver continued to try and avoid him. It was unveiled that Diggle had a brother, Andy, who perished serving as a bodyguard and therefore left behind his wife. He realized Oliver was the Vigilante after being shot by Deadshot and was taken to Oliver’s hideout to recuperate. After the said discovery, Diggle departed his job as Oliver’s bodyguard saying how he did not accept the way “Oliver spent his evenings.” Oliver later went to Diggle’s sister-in-law’s eatery where Oliver attempted to change his perception about his offer, and also admitted to him that Deadshot was Andy’s murderer which made John begin to rethink his position as a bodyguard. Later Diggle showed up to Oliver’s home and accepted his offer, just in time to see Detective Lance arrest him. Bout a crime lord that was in selling arms. Continue reading Diggle


One the most popular show on television today is Arrow, with the rise of DC Universe heroes in more versions in pop culture. Following a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen remained missing and assumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a secluded island in the North China Sea. When he returns home to Starling City, his loving mother Moira, much-beloved sibling Thea, and best friend Tommy greet him home, but they sense Oliver has been broken by his calamity on the island. While Oliver masks the truth regarding the man he has grown into, he seriously wants to make amends for the things he took as the boy he was. Continue reading Arrow